Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy Portable Fish Finder Review 110, 120, 130 and 140C Models

The Humminbird Fishin Buddy portable fish finder come in three models: 110, 120, 130 and 140C. All three portable sonar models can be easily mounted Humminbird Portable Fish Finder Reviewand then removed via an ergonomic clamp (no transducer mounting required) on most small and medium fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, float tubes, or even fish just off the dock. It has a large, monochrome (140C model is color), high resolution, 4-inch LCD screen to mark fish and underwater structure.

All have 240-ft depth capability and a built-in temperature sensor. Each unit runs on six AA batteries which gives you about 30 hours of operation, so they say. I have seen more reviews in the range of 12-15 hours, depending if you are running the backlight and/or temperature reading or not. The batteries are not included, which is silly I think, so make sure you have some at the house so you will be ready to get up and go fishing when your unit arrives.

Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy Review Comparison Chart

Here are all the technical details and features of each of the Humminbird Fishin Buddy portable fishfinder units. The major differences between the three models are the display, sonar type, transducer mounting pole and, of course, the price.  Basically, the Humminbird 120 Fishin Buddy has a little better screen (higher grayscale level and more pixels) than the 110 in addition to side imaging sonar.  The Fishin Buddy 130 also has a step up in greyscale and pixel resolution than the 120 in addition to a telescoping transducer pole that extends to 40″. Then, the next step up, the Humminbird 140C Fishin Buddy, the only difference is the color screen.

Is the color screen worth the extra $50 up from the 130? Some people really like the color view, but a lot of people say the grayscale screens are very easy to read too. If you have the money, I would recommend at least getting the Humminbird 130 Fishin Buddy model for the higher resolution screen and the telescoping transducer pole which some people have said they wish they had after getting the Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy or 120 which has the fixed pole of only 24″.

Model: Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy Humminbird 120 Fishin Buddy Humminbird 130 Fishin Buddy Humminbird 140C Fishin Buddy
Display Size 4.0″ diagonal 4.0″ diagonal This Model No Longer Available 3.5″ diagonal
Display Pixel 160V x 128H 240V x 160H 320V x 240H 320V x 240H
Grayscale/Color 4 Level Grayscale, FSTN LCD 8 Level Grayscale, FSTN LCD 16 Level Grayscale, FSTN LCD Color, TFT LCD
Sonar Single Beam Down Only

200 kHz / 34° @ -10db

Single Beam Down and Side Sonar

200 kHz / 34° @ -10db

455 kHz / 10° @ -10db

Single Beam Down and Side Sonar

200 kHz / 34° @ -10db

455 kHz / 10° @ -10db

Single Beam Down and Side Sonar
200 kHz / 34° @ -10db455 kHz / 10° @ -10db
Depth 240 ft Down 240 ft Down, 120 ft Side 240 ft Down, 120 ft Side 240 ft Down, 120 ft Side
Power Output 125 Watts (RMS)

1000 Watts (Peak-to-Peak)

125 Watts (RMS)

1000 Watts (Peak-to-Peak)

125 Watts (RMS)

1000 Watts (Peak-to-Peak)

125 Watts (RMS)

1000 Watts (Peak-to-Peak)

Temperature Built-In Built-In Built-In Built-In
Backlight Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mount Portable Clamp Portable Clamp Portable Clamp Portable Clamp
Transducer Mounting 24″ Fixed Pole 24″ Fixed Pole 24″-40″ Telescopic Pole 24″-40″ Telescopic Pole
Target Separation 2.5 inches 2.5 inches 2.5 inches 2.5 inches
Power Input 6 AA Batteries 6 AA Batteries 6 AA Batteries 6 AA Batteries
MSRP Price $119.99 $169.99 $219.99 $269.99

The only “cons” I’ve seen about the Hummingbird Fishin Buddy units is often the unit will pop out of the mounting bracket if you go speeds of ~2 knots or above. Most people said they either attached a lanyard to the unit or when they knew they were going to go at higher speeds, just popped it out themselves and popped it back in when they got slower and it was no big deal.

Humminbird Fishin Buddy Reviews

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Portable Fish Finder 5 Stars“Purchased this Hummingbird fishing buddy for the purpose of Ice fishing.I have used it several times and have not been skunked jigging.I drill 2 holes side by side and place the fishing buddy in one hole and jig in the other hole.I use the supplied clamp holder secured to my sled.when it marks fish i jig and usually catch a fish,got numerous yellow pearch and brown trout using it.if it does not mark fish i try a new location and eventually score!!!this item is easy to use and has great features such as water depth and temperature which is important to me ice fishing.Most of the time i start about 1 foot off the bottom with my tip ups,if im marking alot of fish at a lesser depth i can adjust my tip ups as is a great device.Also battery life is approx.32 hrs on 6 AA batteries,i change the batteries after every fourth time out but it is on all day from sun up to sundown.” -By User Doobis

Portable Fish Finder 5 Stars “I have a saltwater boat with a 24v remote drive trolling motor and these are not designed for wire ties and hose clamps when it comes to transducers. The Fishin buddies are THE way to go for getting sonar up front. Couldnt be easier than this as far as install and setup. I can side scan a shallow flat quickly and monitor deeper water by turning the unit and swinging the bow around.
I used it for 5 fishing trips before the batts gave out. An avg of 3-4hrs scan time per trip. I keep it it in a custom made holder on the center console ( an over sized rod holder) and deploy it in seconds.
I bought the 140 color version after reading reviews and it was well worth the cost diff to me. The side scan feature will SAVE YOUR ARM when searching flats for trout or reds. Us; more seasoned anglers will appreciate this.
If you like to run and gun inshore- try one.” -By User Markinorf

Portable Fish Finder 5 Stars “I wanted a small, compact, durable fishfinder/depth sounder and that is exactly what the fishing buddy delivers. After speaking with a knowedgeable person around what the different really meant between the various models (110,120,130, etc) I settled on the 130 non-color version and I couldn’t be happier. The pixel definition seems to be the major difference and I didn’t want/need color.

The item is:
Easy to put together
Lightweight (which is good because I’m using it from smaller boats and occasionally have to carry it a distance
Easy to read/bright
Easy to setup via the menu system
Appears sturdy (I think the individuals that have had bracket problems may have been overtightening ?)
VERY portable (I like it because you can rent a boat somewhere and still use it
Extendable (the 130 versions allow you to extend the shaft which is useful)
Good battery life (haven’t had a problem yet but I turn it on/off a lot)

For the price I am amazed that anyone would go out fishing without bringing this thing with them. Wish I had bought one years ago.

I was travelling over an area recently flooded and it had a lot of grass that was just below the surface. The sonar picked that up and represented it well on the screen. Since pixel definition is the major difference between the models, I have to think that the lower-end versions might not have represented it quite as well.

Great tool at an unbelievably low price.” -By User Waveslider

The Humminbird Fishin Buddy Portable Fish Finder on eBay

Here are the current listings for the Hummingbird Fishin’ Buddy on eBay. As usual, it is hard to beat Amazon prices, especially when free shipping is being offered on all of these units except the 13o model (at least for now).  There are brand new units being sold, but the big discount deal would be from someone who is selling a used unit, if it good working condition, of course.

[phpbay]humminbird fishin buddy fish finder, 6,””,”cover bag bracket mount sensor cable holder” [/phpbay]

We hope this Humminbird Fishin Buddy Portable Fish Finder Review and comparison chart has helped you sort it all out and guide your decision in purchasing either the 110, 120, 130 or 140 Hummingbird Fishin Buddy. Either way, we wish you all the best in findin’ those fish!

February 20, 2018


  1. I just bought the fishin’ buddy 110. I had planned on taking it out tonight but got called into work instead. I’ll take it out tomorrow for sure. However I can already tell that the c-clamp is not big enough for me to mount on my kayak. I am going to try to drop it over the side and through the nylon cord that holds the paddle in place. It is not ideal for kayaks. But it does look good otherwise, easy to assemble, simple to use, etc.

  2. Fishfinder says:

    Archie – Let us know how it works out for you. I have read that the mounting bracket is not wide enough for many kayaks and that modifications are necessary. Most, like yourself, find a way to rig it up – velcro holders, bungee cords, lanyards, etc. and, besides the mounting issue, are pleased with the unit. It would be nice if Humminbird came out with a bracket specifically for kayaks since it seems to be an issue. Out of curiosity, what kind of kayak do you have?

  3. larry pease says:

    Have an OLD Fishin Buddy II Bottom Line Side Finder. Turned it on with old batteries and received a rapid clicking noise. Put in new batteries and tried to turn it on and saw and heard nothing. Time to bury my Buddy?

  4. Is there an an adapter so i can charge up the batteries or hook up to a 12 volt battery for my 130 hummingbird?

  5. Fishfinder says:

    @Jerry – There isn’t any official accessory from Humminbird for a battery adapter or charger, but I know some people make some alterations to hook up to one. For example, one person cut the wires and sodered some longer ones to it so he can hook it up to a 6 volt battery to recharge it. Apparently, the 12 volt won’t work because it has a safety to keep it from getting that much voltage. He also had a 1 amp fuse on the line. Another person used a wire nut to connect three wires so he can use aa batteries or the 6 volt battery. Here’s a photo.

  6. Photographer Jared WIttwer says:
    This is a improvised self-design for mounting the FishingBuddy Fish-Finder into the fishing pole hole within a fishing Kayak pole-mount. I’m seeking a developer for the idea. My design allows you to fish in shallow water with a reduced threat of the sensor arm breaking in the event beaching the kayak in shallow water. A bungee rope brace allows the sensor arm to shift with a reduced chance of breaking the sensor mount upon unintentional beaching,

  7. Fishfinder says:

    That sounds like a great idea. Hope you find a good partner for product development. If you ever make a video of your mount demonstrating how it works, let us know. Where exactly are you attaching the bungee rope brace so that it can shift up when it hits bottom in shallow water?

  8. Tom DiBella says:

    I purchased my Fishin’ Buddy II (Model #013021) in 1994. It has truly become “My fishing buddy”, for I always have it with me whenever I fish out of a boat. This season (2014) the unit developed a “problem” in that the screen display is now distorted because of vertical lines appearing. The “problem” started last year and has progressed to the point where it is impossible to view any display.

    I truly love my Fishin’ Buddy II, and would like to get it repaired. How do I find a place to mail the unit that will do so? (NOTE: I am currently 72 years old, and living on a very small fixed income. Therefore, I do not have the monies to purchase a new unit.) Because of my limited funds, my only recreation is FISHING.

    I still have the original box from when I purchased the unit. PLEASE HELP.

  9. Fishfinder says:

    Tom – Glad to know the Buddy at least lasted 10 years. You can call Humminbird Repairs at this toll-free number and see what they can do for you: 1-800-633-1468.
    You may want to also check on eBay for used Fishin’ Buddies at a cheaper price. Click this link to see what’s available: Humminbird Fishin' Buddy

  10. gordon monnat says:

    Where can I get a new book of instuctions for the buddy? I lost mine. Thank you.

  11. Fishfinder says:

    Gordon – Go to this page, Humminbird Manuals and scroll down to “Fishin Buddy Series” where you’ll find the pdf link to the manual.