Humminbird 570 DI Portable Fish Finder Review

The Humminbird 570 DI portable fish finder is a great mid-priced fishfinder that includes advanced Humminbird features such as Switchfire Sonar, Real Time Sonar RTS Window, TrueArch Technology, Selective Fish ID, Sonar Echo Enhancement and Split Screen Zoom.

Hummingbird 570 DI Portable Fish Finder Switchfire Sonar

Hummingbird Switchfire Sonar gives you a real time look below the water surface with precision sonar and two modes of operation there’s virtually no limit to the amount of information you can gather from Switchfire. This unique sonar system puts anglers in control and lets them choose how their sonar returns are displayed.

Max Mode uses Switchfire sonar to detect even the slightest returns and displays these signals on screen in full detail. Experienced anglers use this information to gain valuable insight into the underwater environment. Max Mode helps you identify variables such as thermoclines, zooplankton and bait fish populations, natural and manmade structure as well as game fish. Max Mode is also great for jigging with its incredible detail allowing you to see your jig on screen. All together, these images give you a complete picture of what’s happening under your boat allowing you to taylor your approach to catch more fish.

Humminbird 570 DI Portable Fish Finder
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Humminbird 570 DI Portable Fish Finder Details

Timber, rocks, or even fish--watch it all take shape on crystal-clear, 5" 12-level grayscale display. With this screen size, it's easy to take advantage of versatile Down Imaging Sonar and exclusive Humminbird SwitchFire technology. We're talking a beam sensitive enough to track a jig down to 70 feet and seperate fish as close as 2.5" apart. This portable fishfinder model comes with a rugged, soft-side carrying case, Suction cup transducer and a AGM battery and charger included.

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Hummingbird 570 DI Portable Fish Finder Clear Mode

Clear Mode provides a crisp representation of structure and fish and is great for those fishing in shallow water. In Clear Mode, signals are processed by software to filter out weaker returns like silt and debris in the water and display only stronger returns such as bottom contours, structures, schools of bait fish and larger, individual fish. Filtering out these weaker returns provides a clean, clear picture of the major activity beneath the surface.

Switchfire comes with multiple, exclusive color palettes allowing you to adjust the display to account for lighting conditions or personal preference (good for those who are red/green color blind). Some high contrast palettes are great for direct sunlight allowing you to quickly identify hard returns in the most glaring conditions. With Max Mode and Clear Mode, you get to customize your sonar for the fishing conditions so you can get on the fish and land the big one!

Overall, the Hummingbird 570 DI is a great portable fishfinder at a lower price for those who do not need the added expense of a GPS. This will enable you to find the fish, see the fish and ultimately catch the fish!

January 18, 2018