Garmin 300C Portable Fishfinder Review

The Garmin 300C Portable Fishfinder with color sonar and dual beam transducer has a lot of great features for the price. It is especially useful for those who like to fish the lakes, but can be used elsewhere as well. In fact, there is a guy who uses it on his kayak in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s flipped his kayak twice, completely submerging the Garmin Fishfinder, soaked it while going in and out of the surf and it still works perfectly fine, a good test for demonstrating it is indeed completely waterproof. This Garmin transducer does have a somewhat smaller screen than other fishfinders, but most people are impressed by the clarity of the screen and readouts and even is easy to read under direct sunlight.

Garmin Portable Fishfinder 300C with Dual Beam Transducer
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Garmin Portable Fishfinder 300C with Dual Beam Transducer Details

The Garmin Portable Fishfinder 300C is equipped with a high performance sonar receiver and has a super bright, high resolution 3.5-inch QVGA color display with an easy-to-use interface, plus UltraScroll; for screen updates at live-action speeds. This system performs especially well in shallow water with wide coverage due to the inclusion of dual beam transducer. Some other features of this Garmin color fishfinder include: 150 watts (RMS) 1200 watts (peak to peak) power output, automatic sonar sensitivity via Auto Gain setting, simultaneous weak and strong returns via See-Thru® technology, round flasher display mode, whiteline shows you bottom thickness, 2X and 4X automatic and manual zoom Battery voltage indicator. Single NMEA-0183 output

Garmin Portable Fishfinder 300C with Dual Beam Transducer Reviews

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Garmin 300c Portable Fishfinder on eBay

There are quite a few people selling the Garmin 300C Fishfinder on eBay. Amazon’s current price with free shipping is hard to beat so don’t pay more than what the current list price is at the top of this page.

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January 18, 2018